Guys’ Code

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Friendships, Life

Guys’ Code – The unspoken rules that men live by

1. Bros before Hoes – Never sell out your guy friends and always take their side over some girl you’re fucking.

2. Don’t fight over money with your male friends.

3. Don’t profit off your friends. Hook them up for whatever it costs you. They’ll return the favor with whatever they have access to.

4. Don’t sleep with your friend’s relatives until you at least get the ok from them.

5. Always try to get your friend a better job working with you providing he doesn’t make you look bad.

6. If you happen to sleep with an ex of one of your friends always call him so he hears it from you first.

7. If you and your friend are both interested in the same girl, the one who actually “likes” her gets dibs.
If she’s not interested then she’s fair game.

8. All bets are off if she straight up offers you sex. Your bro should understand and be cool with it.

9. Don’t keep secrets with your guy friends. They should know everything you know about a girl so she can’t manipulate him.

  1. Brian Mark says:

    Sounds so obvious, but guys are guys worse enemy. I’ve had friends fuck me over. They are just weak and need the acceptence of a girl more than a guy friend. I move them down to minor friend and deal with them cautiously. If guys all stuck together we wouldn’t be in the state we’re in!

  2. Thumbs up for this post. You’d think this stuff would be obvious, but a surprisingly large amount of guys don’t get it.

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