Thoughts on Indian Forum Trolls

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Being an Engineer I tend to work with a lot of Indian guys. The field tends to be full of them.

They’re generally good guys. Very smart, helpful, optimistic and have a good attitude towards

Work and life in general. I have a few that I roll out to lunch with regularly.


They tend to talk about their “culture” a lot. It’s very important to them. They’re very tight with their

Families and communities ….so much that it affects their ability to assimilate into American culture.


Any Indian women that I’ve known tend be genuinely nice girls. They dress conservatively and speak

properly and also have a genuine positive attitude towards life. They’re not singing and dancing in fields

of flowers all day long like you see in Indian movies and music videos …but pretty close.


The problem for Indian guys is they’re very susceptible to the influence of their families. Lots of guilt

and control going on. So much that it’s shameful to date outside of their race and “culture”. This leaves them

in a awkward position. They can either give in to their family ideals and pressure and marry a nice Indian girl

that the family approves of ..or chase after other non-Indian(white) girls and be outcast from their friends

and family. There’s some very old world stuff going on here. So in order to play both sides of the fence like

us guys like to do …they infiltrate places like this forum looking for help on how to bang some hot slutty

non-Indian tail on the sly.


That’s exactly what happened to one guy’s brother. He was banging some slutty white girl on the side and

knocked her up and now it’s a big scandal in his family. Being the good stand up guy that he is …he’s going

to marry her.


This one younger Indian dude I hang out with has some style and swagger. He’s got a girlfriend and banging

like 4 other girls on the side. He’s 23 and a little more Americanized. He’ll probably end up marrying a nice

Indian girl that his family approves of when it’s time. He’s one of the few that actually gets it.


So, …I don’t think Indian dudes are predisposed to be Internet Forum Trolls. I just think that they are typical

sexually frustrated betas. They’ve been so betatized by their “culture” that they can’t help it. They’ve had

any semblance of Game beaten out of them very early on. This tends to be the case with the older guys

from 27-35ish that aren’t married. Try to think of them as sexually frustrated 12 year olds who are just

discovering Game and reaching out for help. So when they lash out and disrupt the forum it’s more of a roid

rage type of thing than any kind of ill-will.


They’re out of their element. They’re venturing out of their “culture” and their game and language skills are lacking.



  1. Drew says:

    Why would a Indian dude use the name, “someindianguy”? It’s pretty obviously a guy or girl of another ethnicity trying to make a statement against the forum and tangentially has a gripe against Indian culture.

  2. Deepcov3r says:

    I’ve actually published stuff on criminal pschology, so here’s my “profile”–someindianguy seems most likely to me to be some white chick with a wicked sense of humor. She’s hurt by Game theory’s examination of women’s weaknesses, and also not getting enough or she wouldn’t bother with the time and effort needed to collect the male porn posts she posts

    Also few straight guys would have the stomach to watch the gay porn she posts. Could SIG be a gay guy? Unlikely, as there would be little motivation or interest in how straight guys view women. Again why would the put out the effort? Gay guys have limited interest in straight guys, just like straight guys have limited interest in lesbians ( not bi chicks, lesbians who hate you).

    So SIG is in my opinion a frustrated but fairly intelligent girl, not extremely so because the posts aren’t that thought out, they’re more or less doggerel. Also, if she was extremely bright, she would have enough insight that she would take more of a clinical interest in discerning what was right from what was wrong, instead of expelling her rather weak passive-aggressive attack on the masculinity of the Game posters in the form of simple posts and gay porn hijacks.

    She things she’s smarter than she is, and she thinks her posting of gay porn is crushing indictment of Gamers. She’s got a LOT of time and anger on her hands.

  3. Brian Mark says:

    Very good post. You should start a thread on Rooshv with this! Two of my best friends are Indians and tell me most everything. I’m their white friend they bounce ideas off of. Neither one likes dating Indian girls and has dated tons of white girls. One was married to an Indian girl and now is divorced, the other has never married and has only dated a handful of Indian girls. His parents won’t leave him alone and want him to marry Indian, but I don’t think he will.

  4. Harvey says:

    Interesting analysis and good to see that there are some sensible individuals in this world. However, I respectfully disagree when it comes to the real identity of SIG.

    I highly doubt that the troll is a female, let alone a white female. This Indian troll is someone who has one of the following objectives:

    1. To create animosity and resentment among RVF members that will eventually lead to the demise of the forum. If this is the case then the troll is a just a clever competitor or hater who could be a white or non-white, in either case, it is not a woman.

    2. To disparage India. The world does not lack people who hate India and Indians with every fiber of their being. Some Pakistanis hate and I mean literally hate India and blame it for all their troubles, then you have the Bangladeshis and other Muslim countries.

    If the source of hate is not politics or religion then it has something to do with Indian culture. Some non- Indian guy who is pissed because his Indian girlfriend did not sleep with him no matter how hard he tried or because he lost his job to the little ugly nerd from India who is smarter than him.

    Lastly, this guy could just be a neo-nazi who has been placating his sense of inferiority by telling himself that he is better than at least 1/7th of the men in this world, (Read: All Indian men) only to realize that there are some actual Indian players out there who get more ass than he can ever imagine.

    This problem can be easily solved if the forum just ignored the troll. But that is not the case, some guys would rather have their 2 minutes of fun by feeding the troll than have a forum that is full of quality information. Sad but true.

  5. Raj says:

    Not sure about trolling, but this is some pretty solid analysis, particularly if you are not of the brown persuasion.

    One of the things I think you are, understandably, missing is that Indian guys (and girls) in the west develop in their teens is a weird inferiority complex in their teens. Basically dating / talking to girls is frowned upon, parents never show affection towards each other.

    So most of these guys spend years working on grades and shit, while being incredibly horny and seeing the more sexually liberated cultures go on dates and have fun.

    It isn’t so bad if you grow up in an Indian ghetto like New Jersey, where you really don’t see any different attitudes from your peer group. But hits hard if you live in a more mixed area or when you go to college.

    There are three easy ways out:
    (1) is to blame Indian culture for your failure and become bitter or
    (2) embrace the retarded sexual conservatism of the old country as a ‘value’ and become angry or (3) cocoon yourself within the fold of bhangra dance groups and South Asian networking and become fearful of other cultures.

    These result in predictable result.
    (1) gives you the self-hating Indian dude who blames everything on his race.
    (2) Gives you the religious nutjob who is often still horny like a dog while ranting about the promiscuity. This type of person will be concerned with things like ‘caste’.
    (3) Gives you suburban middle management types. Adopt mostly Indian mannerisms.

    (When I say ‘Indian’, it includes Pakistani, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans, and other assorted brownz.)

    For intelligent men with more discerning tastes none of the above will suffice.

    The best option for Indians is course to expose yourself to different types of life experience and gain skillsets that you missing out on because of an insular upbringing.

    I personally also recommend spritual practices like meditation and yoga (if you are Muslim do some Sufi practices). This will help your Game, and can help overcome lots of fears and social conditioning so worth doing on its own.

    But Indian people respect sprituality and accept that the spritually oriented will be a little weird compared to ‘laypeople’. Any time anyone questions your choices to travel or do whatever, couch your answer in spiritual terms.

    It may take a few years of development… but lizards & cultural credo & happiness are within reach.

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