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Lunch with an Ex

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Friendships, Sex
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I reconnected with an ex from high school recently through Facebook. Last time I saw her was 20 years ago. She had a boyfriend at the time and we were fooling around on the side. It’s funny how I always end up being the “other guy”. So I took off from work the other day to take care of some business …I had to drop off some money to my lawyer. I text her the day before and invite her to lunch. She accepts.

We meet up at my favorite local bar. They have a nice Tiki bar setup outside that I really enjoy during the summer months. So we order drinks and lunch and get to talking. She fills me in on what she’s been doing the past 20 years. She has a live-in boyfriend and a 16 year old daughter from a different guy that passed away a few years back.

I find out that he doesn’t know about our little lunch date. “He woulda got pissed if I told him”, she says. “He’s kind of insecure lately and thinks I’m going to leave him”.

I love female logic. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Ha.

We start chatting with the barmaid a little and ask her where she’s from, how long she’s been working here…etc. Cute Italian girl with long hair to her ass and big Anime eyes.

“She’s pretty cute, you should give her your number”, she says. “Yeah I don’t give girls my number”.¬† “She can give me hers if she wants”, I said. Then she says, “You should ask her if she has a boyfriend”. So I reply, “I never ask women if they have a boyfriend, there’s a chance they could say yes.” We both laugh.”Are you trying to hook me up with the barmaid ?”, I asked with a smirk. She smiles and says, “Sure why not. I’m good like that!” “Good you can be my wing-girl next time we go out”.

I like warming up the bartenders for the next time I roll in there. She’ll remember me. I’ll ask her to meet up with us for drinks sometime. Number close is implied. NJ is all about social proof and social circle game. Rarely can you go to a bar alone and pick up girls. It’s not impossible. It’s just less likely. Plus I have the perfect story to go with it. She’s my ex from high school and we’re still good friends¬†…Social Proof. Girls eat that up.

It started getting getting a little windy and chilly so she asks if she can wear my jacket. “Sure no problem” “It’s my new cashmere sport coat. It’s nice and warm”.

So 2:15 comes around and I tell her that I have to go. I have to run over to see my lawyer. She asks for the check. I pull out my cash and she says, “I got it”. I didn’t want to let her pay. I’m old fashioned like that. It’s only a few dollars and not a big deal. I invited her out anyway. She goes over the top and hands the barmaid her credit card and picks up the check. “Alright, let me leave the tip”, I say. Done deal.

We walked out together to the parking lot. Just happen to park near each other. She takes off my coat and hands it to me. We say goodbye with nice wet kiss on the lips.

She’s a cool chick and I enjoy her company. I’m pretty sure I can hit it if I can get her alone. We shall see.



Posted: January 27, 2012 in Life, Sex

I just deleted my account for the second time. Or as Facebook calls it …Deactivated. It just means you have six months to log in and continue where you left off before they delete you permanently. I find that I’ve been spending too much time on it lately. It’s too easy to get status updates and notification on my iPhone. I sleep with the damn thing. But you know what? …as much as I and others bitch about it, it has been a useful tool and resource the past few years. I do some traveling here and there for work and pleasure. It’s much easier to keep in touch with people (ahem women) that I meet abroad.

I’ve got a sweet Colombian girl I still talk to in Costa Rica. She sends me coffee once in a while. I don’t think I’ve bought any coffee in the past two years. I also get Christmas cards from Taiwan and England. I didn’t try to be international …it just worked out that way.

I think the best use of Facebook however is for the purpose of Retro-fucking. It’s a phrase coined by a fellow forum enthusiast of mine who calls himself El Mechanico. I’ve knocked off a few girls from my retro-fucklist in the past year thanks to Facebook. It’s not too hard. Just find a girl you’ve known and send her a friend request. You chat with her a little bit. Make her laugh and follow up with an offer to meet up for drinks. Most of these girls are older now and past their prime (18-27) so they’re (not surprisingly ) willing to meet up. Some were married. Some have children. Some are just the same as you remember them. Some are completely different people. Whatever their story is …they’re over thirty and easy pickens for a smooth talking guy like myself who still has all his hair at close to forty.

The married ones are just as cool as the single ones. They’ll offer to introduce you to their single friends. Double score.

So my friend and colleague just deleted his account recently as well. Next thing you know his cellphone is blowing up with text messages. Nobody knew how to reach him outside of Facebook so people were passing messages to him through the trusty old grapevine. Facebook has become such a staple of contemporary life …even more so than cellphones.

I brought up all these topics on a forum that I frequent. I called my Facebook account my “social resume”. I was chastised heavily for that one. Ehh …maybe they’re right. Maybe not. Time will tell.

I’ll talk to you later. I have a million text messages to reply to.